5MFBH Networking Platform is market place for idea sharing and integrations. The 5MFBH Networking Platform objective is to network, connect, explore, find the ways to help and contribute to the development of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Through connecting BH Diaspora in a worldwide network, the 5MFBH platform will contribute to the economic development of Bosnia-Herzegovina, and will build connections and lines of the communication through the network that will facilitate “Think Bosnia First” for business solutions and opportunities. The 5MFBH Networking Platform is a truly functional, first of a kind, global BH Diaspora network connecting individuals, professionals, businesses, everyone who consider themselves friends of Bosnia-Herzegovina into one and with one objection, making Bosnia-Herzegovina a better developed, better connected and more accessible business destination.

5MFBH Networking Platform

• is place to go for recourses, distribution and information sharing to the BH Diaspora on the investment opportunities

• connect locally available resources in Bosnia and Herzegovina with business opportunities created by BH Diaspora network

• connect local businesses in Bosnia and Herzegovina with BH Diaspora for facilitating services in local communities, legal work, documents, land transfers…

• will permit you by becoming a part of the network to connect with the network, connect you with diaspora business and other professionals in your industry, in your country, or industries and countries of your interest.

You can become one of 5 Million friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina by registering here:


Country of Residence

  • Sweden

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Austria

  • United Kingdom

  • Switzerland

  • France

  • Canada

  • United States

  • Philippines

  • Croatia

What is your level of education

  • Bachelor's or undergraduate degree earned

  • Doctorate earned (PhD, EdD, JD etc.)

  • Master's degree earned

  • Secondary education / High school diploma

  • Associate 's degree earned

Employment Status

  • Employed

  • Student

  • Unemployed

  • Self-employed

What is your field of expertise

  • Mechanics, Technology, Aeronautics

  • PR

  • Politics, Environment, …

  • Marketing, Digital Marketing

  • Computer science, Project management, Software architecture

  • Sales, Business Development

  • Teaching

  • Medicine, Pharmacology, Veterinary medicine

  • Psychology

  • Contracts, Terms and conditions, Legal, …

  • Holidays, Gastronomy, Tourism, Wine tourism, …

  • Customer success manager

  • Art, Architecture, History, …

  • Project Management

  • Payments, marketing

Are you a business owner, partly or fully?

  • Yes, 100%

  • No

  • Yes, 50% - 99%

  • Yes, 25% - 49%

What can 5MFBH do for you?

The “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” platform will provide a database of:
1. All persons who nurture the civilizational values of the Bosnian people and who are confirmed friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina
2. Database of companies owned and run by BiH diaspora or friends of BiH
3. Organizations & clubs in the diaspora and international organizations active in BiH


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