Bosnie, mon Amour! Oh, what a wonderful evening in Paris. Thanks to the Association 5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina (hereinafter referred to as 5MFBH), January 27, 2023 will remain a wonderful memory for all those who magnified this cultural event with their presence. An event that presented the synergy of creativity in the visual, written and multimedia environment, a panel discussion between B&H artists and intellectuals, with reference to the cultural links and relations of Bosnia and Herzegovina, France, Europe and the world.

The moderator of the event BH actor based in Paris, Mirza Halilović, opened the program and invited the president of the Association of Mr. Ed Šabanagić, to address the guests. With his extremely emotional speech, Mr. Šabanagić pointed out the importance of meetings of this nature and called upon all those present to actively work on networking and work even more actively on the promotion of Bosnia and Herzegovina. “The long-term goal of the Association is precisely the networking of all Bosnians and Herzegovinans both in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the world, but also the networking of all proven friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina, regardless of which nationality they belong to. We want to create a positive image of Bosnia and Herzegovina. What makes me happy is the excellent response to the event, but at the same time sad because many who expressed their own initiative to be present could not attend, and that is solely due to the limited capacity”, said Mr. Šabanagić at the end of his address.

In the continuation of the address of Mr. Šabanagića, the attendees were addressed by Mrs. Josiane Gaude, deputy mayor of the 7th municipality, otherwise one of the most prominent municipalities in Paris, who also welcomed the initiative and in her address emphasized the importance of networking BH. communities, not only in France, but globally. Mr. Faruk Hadžibegić, the selector of the B&H national football team, and at the same time the first Ambassador of the 5MFBH Association, drew attention to the importance of each individual joining the Association, and explained how important it is to support sports in B&H, especially young sportsmen and women, who today, unfortunately, do not have the necessary conditions, in addition to exceptional talent, to compete in major competitions. This type of networking creates opportunities to help them, and to hear about their success in the world.

In addition to the documentary film “In the footsteps of Bosnian kings”, BHRT editor Dženita Zirdum, and the presentation of short films by the association from Sarajevo, a promotional film about Bosnia and Herzegovina. author Robert Dacešin, recitation of Mako Dizdar’s poem “Zapis o Zemlji” and Kulin Ban’s Charter by the moderator Mirza Halilović, and Violeta Smailović-Huart (violin) accompanied by Kanae Endo (piano) and Merita Morić were responsible for the exceptional musical part of the program (vocals) and Hector Morić (guitar).

Pierre Courtin, a French artist and gallerist, with the help of the Association 5MFBH, gathered many proven B&H artists who live and work in Paris, and in France. Under the name “PariŽiens”, an exhibition was opened where the attendees had the opportunity to see the artworks of Milomir Kovačević – Strašno (photography), Mirza Morić (sculpture), Damir Radović (installation), Ibro Hasanović (video) and Nedžad Ajkić (graphics).

On behalf of the “BH-Futures Foundation” the attendees were also addressed by Mr. Milan Kusmuk, who reviewed the work of the foundation and its past successes and presented the

ways in which Bosnia and Herzegovina community, regardless of where they are, can greatly contribute to the development of education in Bosnia and Herzegovina. students and make them more competitive both in B&H and in the world.

The closing of the program was preceded by a panel discussion with Violeta Samilović-Huart, Pierre Courtin with the moderation of Mirza Halilović, and on the topic of the challenges of Bosnia and Herzegovina. artists both in B&H and in the world, and a general review and parallel was made about the status of artists in Southeastern and Western Europe. The guests present had the opportunity to actively participate in the panel discussion and exchange ideas with the panelists. It should be mentioned that the entire event was attended by numerous representatives of embassies in France: Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Turkey, Indonesia, cultural centers and institutes of various countries in Paris, media from France, numerous B&H business people from France, but also B&H students in France, as well as those who made an effort to be present that evening, even though they are not domiciled in France.

The organizer also provided time for networking and socializing with catering and tasting of B&H. products provided by sponsors, Dairy “Livno” – Livanjski cheese, Winery “Povratak” from Zepca and French champagne “Le Domaine du Cassard”. The panelists and speakers were also presented with valuable gifts from the company “Skincode” – Switzerland. Socializing with numerous guests continued in the restaurant “Bombona” ​​owned by BH. caterer Mr. Nijaz Softić and his wife Maria.

Finally, the 5MFBH Association would like to thank the team that worked actively for the last 6 months to make this event happen: Aida from Austria, Alma from Switzerland, Arnaud from Thailand/France, Aurélie from France, Benjamin from the USA, Damir from Canada, Edina from Monaco, Edwin from France, Emina from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Harris from Austria, Ilhana from France, Nedžad from France, Nikola from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Sanella from France, Sarah from France, etc.

Special thanks go to: the mayor of the municipality of Paris 7 Mrs. Rachida Dati, the vice-mayor Mrs. Josiane GAUDE, the charitable foundation “La Terra Nostra” from Switzerland and the media sponsor BHRT.

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The “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” platform will provide a database of:
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