Cultural Meetings: Bosnia, my love.

Les Rencontres Culturelles : Bosnie, Mon Amour

Bosnie, Mon Amour, is the night that will present Bosnia and Herzegovina in Europe and as the heart of Europe. The program will be hosted by BH actor based in Paris, Mirza Halilovic. The night will be enhanced with the presence of the mayor of Paris Municipality 7, Rachida Dati, Faruk Hadzibegic, new selector of the BH national footbal team, Danis Tanovic, Pierre Courtain, Violeta Smailovic Haart, as guests, participants and panelists during the night.

Guests will have the opportunity to see the presentation of the collection and exhibition of art of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The exhibition includes a French artist, Pierre Couirtin, and 5 artists from Bosnia and Herzegovina living in Paris. Combining media and generations, the exhibition brings together artists Nedžad Ajkić (drawing), Ibro Hasanović (video), Milomir Kovačević (photography), Mirza Morić (sculpture) and Damir Radovic (installation). They’re all Bosnians, but they’re also “Parisians at heart.”

The program also includes a presentation of the historical value of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Charter of Ban Kulin in its original version will be read and accompaneyed by the documentary film “Tracing the Bosnian Kings”, by Dženita Zidrum, and a poem by Mak Dizdar “Report about the Country” will be read by the host Mirza Halilovic.

In the musical artistic part, performers Merita Morić accompanied by guitar, Hector Morić, and Violeta Smailović-Haart on violin, accompanied by piano, will brighten the night with a mixture of sevdah, French chansons and clasical music.

In addition, the program includes the segment “Perspective Bosnia”, presenting 3 short films from the BHRT program and the work of the association (ASSOCIATION FOR DIGITIZATION AND INFORMATIZATION OF CULTURAL HERITAGE), and the presentation “Bosnia & Herzegovina Futures Foundation”, presenter Milan Kusmuk.

The main part of the night will be opened with an extract from the production from BHRT “Long live transition”, which will be an introduction to the Round Table of visionaries from Bosnia and Herzegovina and France on the theme of Bosnia and Herzegovina as the artistic heart of Europe.

Danis Tanović, director, Pierre Courtin, artist and gallerist, Violeta Smailović Haart, violin professor, as participants of the round table will have the opportunity to give their views and thoughts. The round table will be moderated by Mirza Halilovic.

For guests amongst the hospitality options there will be Livanjski sir/cheese and Bosnian-Herzegovinian Wines offered during breaks to complete their Bosnian-Herzegovinian experience.

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Programme: Bosnie, Mon Amour!



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The “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” platform will provide a database of:
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