We are proud to present our very first official 5MFBH Ambassador Faruk Hadžibegić, a former football player  who spent most of his carrier in Spain and France and then managed several clubs in these countries and is now living between Paris and Sarajevo. Faruk Hadžibegić, is the second most-capped Bosnian football player of all times and the fifth overall most-capped player for the Yugoslavian national team. He has played for FK Sarajevo, Real Betis Balompié, FC Sochaux-Montbéliard SA and Toulouse FC amongst other teams and has managed both Bosnia & Herzegovina and Montenegro national teams along with FC Sochaux, Dijon, Real Betis, Bastia and other French, Spanish and Turkish football clubs. 

Faruk loves his home country, and actively promotes Bosnia & Herzegovina within France but also takes every opportunity he gets to promote the country wherever he goes. Being an active advocate for B&H and sharing the same values as 5MFBH, it was only natural that Faruk became an official ambassador for 5MFBH; joining forces in improving the image of B&H abroad and advancing the social and economic conditions in our beloved Bosnia & Herzegovina.  

In his role as an ambassador for 5MFBH, Faruk will continue to raise awareness about the beauties of the B&H culture, tradition and its people in the French high society. In addition, 5MFBH and Faruk will together strengthen the cooperation between France and Bosnia & Herzegovina.

What keeps us going is the ❤ for our home country and we can’t wait to unfold the next chapter with Faruk by our side.

Read more about Faruk Hadžibegić below:

Watch Faruk’s 1 minute inspirational video on why we should be proud of our heritage and home country
Ponosni na domovinu – Faruk Hadzibegic
Faruk Hadžibegić za “Avaz”: Mihael Laudrup se još sjeća kako sam udario njegovog brata Brajana
Faruk Hadžibegić: U prvom razredu gimnazije imao sam jedinice iz svih predmeta

Šta može 5MFBH uraditi za Vas?

Platforma “5 Million Friends of Bosnia and Herzegovina” će obezbijediti bazu podataka o:
1. Svim ljudima koji njeguju civilizacijske vrijednosti bosanskog naroda i koji su potvrđeni prijatelji Bosne i Hercegovine
2. Baza kompanija u dijaspori koje su u vlasništvu ili vođeni od strane Bosanac ili prijatelj BiH
3. Organizacija i klubova u dijaspori i međunarodnih organizacija koje djeluju u BiH.


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